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audIT now integrates with IT Glue!

What does this integration do?

This integration will allow you to link your customers from IT Glue to the audIT application and add your audIT reports to your Organizations in IT Glue.  With IT Glue being your documentation framework, you can now have your audIT reports stored in the Flexible Assets area for visibility amongst your team.

How to configure your IT Glue integration:

To set up your integration please follow the steps below.

  1. Log into IT Glue and click on Account in the header
    • Click on the API Keys tab
    • Under the Custom API Keys section, Click on the + symbol to create your Custom API Key for audIT
    • After you create the key copy the password so you can paste it later into audIT


  2. Log into audIT and click on Integrations


  3. Click on Connect under the IT Glue logo


  4. Enter the information below
    • Base URL:
    • Private Key
      • Paste the key that was generated from the Custom API Key you created in IT Glue
    • Click on Save


  5. Your integration is now configured in audIT and you can sync the account at your leisure


  6. Now that the integration is configured, navigate to Integrations and the Integrated Companies tab


  7. The Companies you have in audIT will display in this area.  Click on the Edit icon to link your audIT Company to your desired Organization in IT Glue




  8. Click on Continue


  9. Go into IT Glue and click on Account – Flexible Asset Types and you will see an option for audIT Report.


  10. Select audIT Report, click on Enabled


  11. Click on Global and you will now see the audIT Report tile


  12. After clicking on it you will see the audIT Reports and the Organization it is associated with




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