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audIT now integrates with Datto!

What does this integration do?

This integration will allow you to print out the BCDR hero report (and soon several other reports) along with your audIT report.


NOTE: If you are having an issue with the integration with Dark Web ID, you may need to reach out to Dark Web ID Support Team ( to request API access


How to configure your Dark Web ID integration:

To set up your integration please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Datto Integration Portal at:  Integrations - Datto Portal (

  2. Click Create API Key

  3. API Key Name is optional but in this scenario we set to “audIT”.
    Contact Email is the email address of the person who will manage the Key.
    Vendor and Client access controls must be left blank or the audIT integration will not fully work.


  4. You should now  have a Public Key and a Private Key which you will need for audIT to enable this integration


  5. Finally, enter your Site URL of and your public/private keys and click SAVE


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