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What is audIT?

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audIT Sales Presentation System is a platform that allows you to take the information you've collected with data tools, fact finding meetings or business reviews and present your client or prospect with a beautiful presentation that they will immediately understand.

Once your account is setup and configured, your team can add clients and prospects, which we call audITees into the system and immediately create a baseline audIT. audITs can be configured and weighted to suit your needs and then scored based on pre-defined or custom summary statements that you enter into the system.

audIT consist of four categories. Each category is broken down into 9 or less configurable audit items resulting in a 36 point technical analysis.

The end result is an audIT that you have quickly and easily created and fine tuned to the needs of your audITee. Over time you can add proposed audits for prospects to illustrate why your solution or service is better.

Or, you can generate QBR - or quarterly business review audITs for your existing customers to recommend areas of improvement to assist in upselling your solutions.

All of your audITs are retained historically and you can generate a comparison report from any two audITs.

Reports are where the real magic happens. With a click of a button you can generate a beautiful PDF report that you can present online or in print. Each report includes pre-designed infographics to help explain why audIT items are important.

Using the audIT Sales Presentation System you can finally have the confidence to sell audITs, which will result in a higher quality prospect and greater chance of closing higher value sales.

And using the audIT system you can run regular audITs on your existing clients so you'll have the opportunity to upsell and cross sell more often.

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