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Is audIT a replacement for Rapid Fire Tools Network Detective

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audIT is not the same kind of tool as Rapid Fire/Network Detective. They are a network assessment tool designed for collecting technical details. audIT is a sales presentation tool designed to be simple for non-technical business owners/professionals to easily understand. And more importantly, the subtle psychology of audIT is made to connect with them emotionally, helping them to easily see the value and build a strong desire to hire you.

We also don't import any of that data into our tool. Importing data eliminates the ability to analyze and create summary statements. If there was a tool that did this, the client wouldn’t need you. They could just use the tool themselves.

audIT forces you to abandon the old way of generating a sales presentation and QBR. It breaks the model of showing the prospect a mountain of technical data or putting it in a binder and using it as a prop.

It's just too much for non-technicians

Data collection tools are designed to do just that: collect data. The raw data is not something you should share with your prospect. What makes you different and valuable as an MSP is being able to take that data and interpret it, and then translate it into a language the prospect can understand.

Tools like Rapid Fire Network Detective give you a lot of data. But to your prospects/clients, it's like drinking from a firehose. You need to analyze the data, decide what it means to your client based on what you know about them and their business needs. Then bottom line it in a clear, concise and easy to understand way. For this reason, there's no way to import that data into audIT and come up with a presentation automatically that will help you sell.

Study after study shows, presenting data will hurt your sales conversions. People buy on emotion. Sharing the data you collected without interpreting and translating it into a simple and easy to understand presentation just leaves your prospect confused.

But, there’s much more to it than that. More and more of the information

you gather these days cannot be gathered by a data collection tool at all. There is no shortcut that will do fact finding for you. Even with the best data collection tool, if you want to do a thorough job, you will always need to do some manual fact finding. The benefit of the audIT report outweighs the few minutes it will take you to analyze and summarize the data into the system.

Be the doctor not the technician

By forcing you to analyze the data and then generate summary statements, you are creating a masterful presentation that the prospects and clients can understand. And, when they understand and are emotionally invested in the process, they will buy from you.

Still not convinced? Check out the testimonials on our website and case studies on our blog to see how your fellow MSPs are using audIT Sales Presentation system to close more sales and gain more customers.

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