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I'm having technical trouble using audIT

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Mike Brooks
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Occasionally, users may experience strange issues when logging in after an update. If you experience a problem where you:

  • Cannot open audits
  • It wont save the audIT items or you cannot change your audIT items
  • You cannot print your audIT
  • Or any other abnormal technical issues keeping you from using the software

If you experience any of these, especially after a recent software update, please try the following:

  1. Logout of the software
  2. Close the browser window
  3. Clear your recent browsing history. If you have recently logged in and used the system, clear the browsing history from before that date.
  4. Re-open and login

If this does not solve the problem, please chat back in and open a support ticket. You can also send an email to but the fastest way to get help is our chat feature.

We do apologize if this is what caused the problem. If this was not the problem, here are a few other help articles:

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If you are having problems using a template

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