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April 8, 2019

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Brett Jaffe
  • Prevented browser's back button action.
  • Added user-specified audITee column orders with drag & drop features.
  • audITee and audIT column text have been centered in dashboard.
  • Infographic thumbnails are shown larger than before to look clear (now 300px x 350px).
  • Showing infographic symbols in the items for audIT details.
  • Incomplete Template should not be available to create an audIT
  • Added close (X) button at top right corner in help and change log dialogs.
  • For new version available system now shows a dialog and clicking on "OK" will reload site with updated version.
  • Allowing lock/unlock audIT for the creator of an audIT.
  • Fixed Last Saved message issue with new infographic save action in master site.
  • Corrected naming "Template Quadrant" to "Template Category".
  • Fixed drag-and-drop issue for Firefox for audIT details and template.
  • Fix for blank currency issue in audIT details.

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