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Creating an audITee

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audITees are your clients and prospects, and managing them is as simple as using the contacts app on your phone. To manage your audITees, click audITees under the Manage audITs category on the sidebar menu.

When you click Create audITee, you'll be asked to enter it manually or add it from a connection. We'll start with Enter Manually and go over connections later.


The most important information is the audITee's business name, logo, and type, and MRR. The rest of the information is purely for your internal usage.

Logos look best at a 16:9 aspect ratio, appear throughout the audIT application, and are easy to add to an audIT report.

Select the appropriate audITee type. When you select Client, notice an additional Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) field appears. We'll go over exactly what this does in a moment, but go ahead and enter an appropriate estimate. Click Create and click into your newly-created audITee. To edit and see details, click the Edit button at the top of the page.

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