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audITee MRR and BRS

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When you add a new client, you'll be prompted to enter in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Notice how changing the MRR will automatically adjust your Review Schedule Frequency. That's intentional! You can configure this behavior under Admin > Business Review Schedule Settings on the app sidebar and override it as needed. (This is also outlined in our article on Business Review Schedules.)

Your review schedule frequency setting configures your audITee's Business Review Schedule (BRS). While entirely optional, we recommend using this to keep on top of your clients and making sure you're conducting routine audITs. We've configured audIT out-of-the-box to help you pay more attention to higher-value clients.

Scroll down to Business Review Schedules Settings. You'll see a generated list of dates based on your schedule setup. You can link existing or audITs and quickly add these dates to your calendar with the calendar-add.png icon.

To see a summary of all your audITees, navigate out to Manage audITees > Business Review Schedules on the main app sidebar.

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