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Using audITees with Third-Party Connections

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Adding an audITee from a Connection


When creating a new audITee, you'll have the option to Add From Connection. To use this, you'll want to head over to our integration instructions and get audIT connected to your third-party integration. (Note: you'll need to have administrator permissions to do this!) Next, you'll choose your connection and select company and primary contact information. The biggest caveat is you won't be able to manage any audITee information inside audIT; you'll need to go to your integration to make changes.

Apart from only having to update your information in one place, one of the biggest benefits to linking audIT to your third-party app is MRR will automatically be calculated for you based on active agreements you've established with your client.

Linking an Existing audITee to a Connection

If you're a long-time audIT user or you've just set up a new PSA tool for your company, chances are you'll want to link your existing audITees. If you want to link a single audITee, this can be done by navigating to that audITee, clicking Edit, and clicking the Connect button circled below.


If you have a bunch of audITees to link at a time, we've got a tool for that. Navigate to Integrations under the Admin section on the sidebar, and use the Link audITees to Connections tool. We'll attempt to match name and contact information to match your audITees to records in your integration.


Synchronizing Connected audITee Information

audIT will routinely pull and update the latest audITee information from your integration. There are times when you may want to manually force an update. You can do this at the audITee level or at the integration level.

At the audITee level, go to Edit, and then the Options dropdown at the top-right corner. Click Sync to perform this action.


To sync audITees at the integration level, navigate to Integrations under the Admin header on the main sidebar menu. Click Sync now to perform this action.


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