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Printing an audIT

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Now that you've filled out your audIT, you're just a click away from transforming your data into a beautiful sales-ready presentation.

With your audIT opened, navigate to the Reports tab at the top of the page. We'll explain the options on the page in a minute, but for basic reports, you can leave all settings as-is. Click Print Report, and you're all set!


Your company logo will always appear on a report. If you've set an audITee logo, we'll automatically include that in the footer of your report. If you'd like, you can swap the positions of your company logo and the audITee logo between the header and footer of your report, or remove the audITee logo altogether. Access these options under the audITee Logo section.

Comparative Reports

Comparative reports are great for showing a prospect where they are and where you will take them, or showing a client where they were and where they are now. When you generate this kind of report, we'll stitch your two selected audITs together and add a handy comparison page at the very end.

Under Type of Report, choose either the second or third options to indicate which was your "before audIT" and which was your "after audIT."

Fact Finder

The fact finder is a hard-copy data-collection aid unique to your audIT setup. This is best used once you've selected the appropriate audIT Categories and arranged audIT Items to your liking, but before you've started filling out any data.

To access it, click the Fact Finder button.


When I go to print an audIT, the print buttons are disabled

To print an audIT, you'll need to fully complete it by filling each category with nine audIT Items. Once that's done, the print buttons will automatically be enabled.

We realize printing an audIT can be a time-sensitive task. If we didn't solve your problem above, please reach out to a member of our support team, and we'll help you ASAP.

When I go to print an audIT, my infographics aren't showing

Infographics are only included in your audIT report when its related audIT Item is yellow or worse.

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