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Creating an audIT

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Templates save you time by preloading your audIT Items. Manage these under the left sidebar, Manage audITs > Templates.


audITs are identical regardless of the type you choose, but selecting the correct type will help you quickly categorize audITs later on.

  • Baseline audIT: use this for first audIT you'll create for any audITee.
  • Proposed audIT: this is the audIT you'll use to complement a proposal, showing potential improvements.
  • Business Review: choose this type when conducting regular client reviews. 


An audIT is composed of at least nine audIT Items to create a 3x3 presentation grid. Items correspond to a specific technical area, like workstations, DNS, or cabling. 

Summary Statements

The summary statement indicates the status of an audIT Item and corresponds to a red, yellow, or green marker to indicate whether an item requires immediate attention, needs improvement, or is satisfactory, respectively.

To set a summary statement, click audit-item-summary-statement-icon.png on an audIT Item.


Infographics add a visual pop to your audIT Report and are a great visual aid for your clients. We've preloaded some infographics, and you can always add your own.

If an item has infographics available, click has-infographic.png to edit. If you're uploading infographics for the first time, click audit-infographics-upload.png. Enable or remove an infographic by toggling the star-enabled.png icon.

Infographics will only appear if your audIT Item is yellow or red.

Notes and Change Log

You'll usually create a new audIT by cloning one you've already created and updating specific audIT Items as needed. We track these changes and place them in a change log.

If you want to add a little more context around a specific change, you can add custom notes to appear alongside your change log events.

To access notes and change log, click audit-item-change-log-icon.png at the top of an audIT Item.

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