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Working with audIT Templates

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Once you get into a rhythm using audIT, there's a good chance you'll find yourself creating similar audIT reports across multiple audITees. That's where audIT Templates come in, and they work exactly like you'd expect.

Manage your templates by going to Templates under the Manage audITs section on the main app sidebar. We've thrown in a few templates of our own for you to build off of, or you can start from scratch.


To start from scratch, click New Template. If you've already worked with audIT reports, you'll feel right at home. Fill out every active category with nine audIT Items and disable any category you don't want to use.

Important: make sure you fill out every active category or you won't be able to use your template!


To use your newly-created template, select it under Initial audIT Template when you're creating a new audIT.

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